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The Diary of Julius Lafayette Dowda

May - December 1862
January - September 1863
October 1863 - January 1864
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The Civil War Diary of Julius Lafayette Dowda
Third Georgia Cavalry
Army of East Tennessee

Commencement of My Soldiery, May the 10th 1862
[May - December 1862]
I, J.L. Dowda was mustered into service under Capt. James A. F_ _ _ _ _  May 10th 1862, at range [unreadable] Cherokee County Georgia to serve for three years or the war.  Lay around home till the 24th when we received marching orders.  Off we all started with proud hearts to try the hardships of a camp life.  Saturday, 1st day, we traveled to Roswell, Cobb County, Georgia and camped, distance 21 miles.  Sunday 25th we started on for Atlanta.  Reached the place late.  We then marched to old "Fair Ground" and camped; distance 20 miles.  Monday, 26th put our horses on the train.  Took cars and off we went for West Point, Georgia..  The old "car" was often made to ring with the shouts of volunteers on board whenever we would see a hand kerchief waving.  Ah! That I could say that I spent all my life as a soldier as well as that day.  Evening we reached this place and camped,  distance 26 miles.  Amount traveled 134 miles.Tuesday morning 27th, we started on horse back and reached Columbus, Georgia, distance 36 miles.  We moved out in a little pine thicket and camped there.  We spent the time rather dull.  Weather too warm to suit us, nothing but pine wood to burn and we made a poor cook being new hands anyhow.  We remained there and drilled until the 8th of June when we were ordered to Camp McDonald, Cobb County Georgia to drill.  We marched via Hamilton, Newnan and Campbellton to Marietta, 133 miles.  All of Co. "F" Third Georgia Cavalry got furloughs for 3 days and we marched home from McDonald, some 20 miles and 9 miles from Marietta.  When our furloughs expired we all started back for command very prompt indeed.  We reached command at McDonald. Remained only a few days when we were ordered to Camp Randolph, Gordon County Georgia.  We marched via Cassville and near Calhoun some 50 miles.  We commenced drilling, kept out pickets and camp guard all the time.  Very rigorous too, in carrying out our orders. 

 About the 1st of August, I was taken with typhoid fever and on the 17th was furloughed home for 2 months and remained there till the 8th of October - Traveled 486 miles - when I left home again to search [obliterated word] command in the far distant wilds of Kentucky.  All of the time I was absent from command on furlough my Regiment and Company was seeing real service in Tennessee and Kentucky.   I got transportation at Atlanta for Knoxville, Tennessee and took cars and reached place, distance 210 miles.  Went to Convalescent Camp and remained there till the 28th October 1862 when I left and marched for Clinton, Tennessee, distance 21 miles, and joined command there but strange to see but comparatively few of Third Georgia Cavalry.  At New HavenKentucky, Col. Crawford, Lt. Col. Kennon and Major Thompson together with 225 privates and officers were captured.  Boys were worn out by hard duty and short rations. 

We left Clinton the last of October for Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  After marching about 2 weeks, half time without anything to eat but some walnuts that we might chance to pick up marching along.  We marched via Winchester, Tullahoma and Shelbyville, Tennessee, distance some 200 miles.  Remained there a few days when Co. "F" was detailed with 1st Kentucky Squadron to go back to Chattanooga, Tennessee, as provost guard.  We marched via Shelbyville, Tullahoma, Winchester and Jasper, distance 136 miles.  We went on guard there and had a fine time.  Spent Christmas on guard at Chattanooga, Tennessee. Distance traveled 567.

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