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The Cherokee County Property Survey includes an extensive collection of historical property surveys from Cherokee County. Each survey entry is accompanied by multiple photos of the property as well as architectural data about the buildings at that address (e.g. when it was built, by whom, building materials, architectural style, etc.) Presently these surveys contain information not only of historic buildings throughout the county, but also biographical information about notable people who have lived in them. Thus the site should be of interest not only for architectural buffs but also those seeking a better understanding of Cherokee County history. Each entry can be accessible individually using several different categories including, address, current use, data of construction, building type, style, etc. The surveys were conducted by Dan Latham of the Cherokee County Historical Society in 1976 and 1988 and were recently digitized.


The following feature property surveys were recently updated.


Canton High School/Grammar School Bldg Holbrook Campground Edgar M. McCanless House

Odian W. Putnam House George M. Harmon House
Canton Cotton Mills No. 2 Sixes School Grisham-Galt House Merritt-Dean House Conns Creek School
Coker Hospital First Baptist Church Don & Sharon Stafford House Greene House Conns Creek Arbor



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