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This is the story of Asaph Perry. It is one of normal dimensions. He was not a famous figure from political or military history. Nor did the circumstance of his life thrust him to the forefront. Asaph (or W. A. as some called him) was a typical man from a small southern town who, with his wife Ethel, worked hard to raise and support a family. There are no statues built to honor him, nor are there stories to dishonor him. He is strikingly average which (ironically) makes him worthy of our attention. Of course, there are plenty of interesting and unique things about Asaph, if only that he occupies our attention at this time and place.


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Learning the story


Much can be learned about the discipline of history by investigating the contrasting dynamics of political history and social history. We admit that Asaph's story has no political dimensions. He is not one of the "Great Men" whom so often dominate history textbooks and curriculums. This story about Asaph Perry and the people around him represents a different kind of history - social history. Contrasting the reasons why we teach history as either political or social or for that matter in some other way, is an important task in a history classroom. Given that this resource is a social history, we believe it would be important for students understand the dynamics and purposes of social history. One excellent resource for learning more about social history is …