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The outbreak of war in 1860 once again worked to transform Forsyth and Cherokee counties. With patriotic vigor, most able-bodied males in both counties volunteered their services to the Confederate army, including Lewis Perry who served in the 43rd Georgia Infantry Regiment Company I. The company, known as Zollicoffer Guards, saw significant action in the Western theater including Vicksburg and Atlanta.


After the war, Lewis Perry settled back into the life of a small farmer, this time in Cumming, the Forsyth county seat - 5 miles to the east of High Tower. At 50, Lewis and his second wife Melissa had two more children, bringing the total to 8 (6 by his first wife Martha). Lewis Perry would live to the age of 85, dying in 1900 in a place transformed by events and technology - a place that his grandson Aspah would call home.

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