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Asaph was born in 1870 on a rural Forsyth County Georgia (external map) farm in the community of High Tower (external map), but lived most of his adult life 15 miles to the west in the Cherokee County town of Canton. Born the year Georgia emerged from Reconstruction, Asaph grew up at a time that exuded both confidence and remorse. A child of the "New South" Asaph would go places and experience life in a way that his father might have never dreamed. His parents, James K. and Arabella would end up with a brood of seven; Asaph being the third. He had two older brothers, Charles and Buman, and four younger siblings, Luis, Carry (the only girl), Tilden, and Gay.


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The 1870 U. S. Census provided us with information about the time and place of Asaph's birth as well as the names of his older siblings and his parents. A partial transcription of the 1870 census for Forsyth County is currently available from USGen Web Census Project (see an image of actual 1870 census record). We looked at the 1880 Census to get information about Asaph's other siblings. A partial transcription of the 1880 Forsyth County census is available from Donna Harris amateur historian of Forsyth County. This transcription only provides the name of the head of the household. A complete and searchable version of the 1880 census is available free of charge at Familysearch.com The full 1880 census is available from the fee based Ancestry.com (see an image of actual 1880 census record).


We determined the place of Asaph's birth from the 1870 census and located discrete details about this place, High Tower (also recorded as Hightower and Hightowers), from a number of secondary sources. We used a assortment of historical resources on Forsyth County compiled by amateur historians and presented online at RootsWeb to fill in our understanding of county history. We also used historical maps of Forsyth County Georgia showing the small community of Hightower from the Carl Vinson Institute's Georgia Info web site located at the University of Georgia.


We traced Asaph's paternal lineage to South Carolina. According to a transcription of the 1850 census for Forsyth County compiled by amatuer historian Sharon Bennett Williams, Asaph's grandfather Lewis Perry was from South Carolina. We later learned from the full 1850 census record (see an image of actual 1850 census record) that Lewis was from Greenville, South Carolina.


Forsyth County was founded as a part of a larger area acquired from the Cherokee Indians in 1832. The Perry clan did not appear in the original 1832 census or the 1840 census. The first record of their residence in Forsyth was in 1850 with Asaph's grandfather Lewis Perry. The Historical Society of Forsyth County has additional information about the history of the area, including a transcription of the 1860 census (see an image of actual 1860 census record). The 1860 census listed Ann Martin as James K. Perry's first wife.