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In the early 1900s, the nine Perrys lived in a house they own on East Main Street in downtown Canton. They are within walking distance to virtually everything they need. The oldest four children are in school and everyone is either literate or on their way to being literate. Asaph settled in as a barbershop owner and self employed dealer in retail groceries, getting occasional help from his brother Louis. Asaph also maintained a close relationship with another brother, Charles. In the first two decades of the 20th Century, the Perrys went about the regular routine of work, play, church, and visiting the relatives.


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Writing the Story


The Family Life story line provided us an opportunity to expand on some of the themes addressed earlier. We also looked at new elements such as Asaph's life after Ethel. While our story is clearly focused on the first part of Asaph's life, we wanted to expand into the second half of his life with this story line. We deliberately leave the story of the end of Asaph's life untold, primarily because we have very little documentation, but also to evoke a more dramatic sense of continuation and the unknown.