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Ethel's passing in 1916 was a tragedy to the large young family. Those that either knew her or at least knew of her (most of the town), tried to find solace in the fact that Ethel's prolonged illness was finally over. Just before her death, Ethel was able to see her oldest daughter's wedding. Asaph and Ethel's second child, Ethel Bertie, stepped into a maternal role for her younger siblings. Asaph settled into his job as the barber of Canton.


Later a new relationship between Asaph and a coy older lady known only as Alice emerged. Some of this relationship is mysterious, but the lack of information suggests the outcome. Whatever the circumstances, the family grew and adjusted as they were want to do. Asaph's resting place next to Ethel told of his enduring commitment to that insecure young lady he courted a half century before his death.


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