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A city of with many faces, Canton is county seat for Cherokee County, Georgia. Canton and Cherokee County is often described today as a place "where metro meets the mountains" (http://www.cherokee-chamber.com/). Located about 35 miles north of Atlanta, Canton is in many ways typically suburban. At the same time, it maintains a distinctive rural or small town character. At the turn of the century Canton was a more singular small town; an achetypical place that looked and felt like hunderds of like sized cities in America. The history of Canton and Cherokee County is as rich as it is long, as controversial as it is diversified, and growing as fast as it is remaining the same.


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We used secondary resources when developing this lexia, as well as some census data. The most complete work on Cherokee County history was written by Lloyd Marlin. The Cherokee County government maintains a brief history of the county on their website. Another online resource on Cherokee County history is available at Roadsidegeorgia.com.