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The W. A. (Asaph) Perry Collection

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Personal Correspondence


Asaph Perry to his wife Ethel

Ethel Perry to her husand Asaph

Alice to her acquaintance Asaph Perry

John to his cousin Ethel Perry

Mary Helen Perry to her mother Ethel

Granma to her daughter Ethel Smith

Other correspondence



Inspirational note written by Asaph Perry - date unkown possibly 1887 or 1888


Poem written by Ethel Perry- 1890


Post card to Asaph Perry - 1906


Women's calendar - 1908


Handwritten bible story - Recorded by W. A. Perry July 17 1914


Newspaper clippings about the Perry family - various unknown dates


Atlanta Constitution Newspaper story about the death of Judge James R. Brown - Date Unkown


Barber's wage record book - Date Unknown


Betty Jane Antique Shoppe card - Date Unknown


Fairbank's Soap advertisement - Date Unknown


Fourth grade report card for Jack Perry - Date Unknown


Hopkins and Co. loan advertisement coupon - Date Unknown


Newspaper clipping of visit from Helen and Amanda Belle and Jack Perry to their grandmother Smith - Date Unknown








Perry family photo - Date unknown


Program for a Canton school performance - Date Unknown


Obituary for Dr. and Mrs. C. Pickett - Date unknown


Magazine story about cooking bread - Date Unknown


Poems by Eugene Field - Date Unknown


Post card from Florida to Asaph Perry - Date Unknown