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DOCUMENT DETAILS: Letter to Ethel Perry from John - December 3, 1906




Griffin, GA. Dec. 3rd, 1906
Mrs. Ethel Perry,

R.F.D. #I. Canton, Ga.


My Dear Cousin;


Your welcome letter to hand several days ago, same noted. In reply will say that we were all glad to hear from you specially to know that you were well and able to visit your mother. And that the little ones were well and getting along all right. I am sure found suitable names ere this. To follow the old custom necesita that. But the old custome is fast changing and people now get up names for twins that to judge from their names one would not ask the question are they twins? In fact some people like to boast of having twins while others do not. This is the reason why they name them such names as will best suit the taste and will be pleasing to the childs ear after it grow up and is grown, I think my self that names some times as to to with the persons lives in after years. Of course every one desires the prettiest name that they can get up for their little loved ones. And the are more particular while the child is little and young than they are after they grow up and are grown. My mother is hare and she says she thinks that the names Jenetta and Rosetta? are pretty names. (Fannee) and Francis; Mary and Martha; Julia and Juda; Bettie and Beattrice; Majorie and Marie; Margrette and Margret; Geneve and gena; In fact I have tried to get up some names that I thought especially pretty but I find it a hard job. If I could see them I might think of some appropriate names for them. Mother is in a critical condition and unless she improves very fast the Doctor says she can not live very long. It is a mad thought to think as giving up your Mother, you have lost your Father but the pain is not half as great as having to part from your mother, She is here with us aNNN.. and I shall do all that is in my power to relieve her of any suffering thatis in my power so to do. For when we loose our mother we have lost our very best friend. Oh, that she cold only be well once again. Father is not in very good health either, and they are having a pretty hard time of it. Mother will go home next Sunday, but I shall try to get someone to stay with her untill she gets better. She is having awful spells with her heart and the doctor says he can not to her any good. The spells come on her and last only a few minutes but Oh, How she does suffer while they do last. There don't seem to be and remedy for her. All the rest of our Family are well and are having a good time there will be no use of my mentioning all their names as you know who they are. I have had a successful year in business and we had a Banquet at my house last Saturday and we all enjoyed it very much. We had a group of our pictures made and we all look very well, I will bring one with me when I come up and let you see them. I keep on putting off my visit up there but dont give me out I will roll in some day and take you all on a surprize. I wish I was up there now but cant get off just yet. I may come along about Christmas. But a not sure I will get off. Tell Asaph that I would be very glad to come up and go hunting with him during the holidays. I hope old Santa clause will come to see you all asspeccially the little folks. I wish I could be up there to act as Santa clause for them. I hope that your mother will get a good little pile of money out of the mines that are being worked . How are they getting on with your new house We have a nice little home. I wish you would visit us we would be the gladest in the wourld to see you and all your family. I have not heard anything from Grand Pas folks in some time. But I guess they are all well I have not been well for a long time I have the catarrh of the stomache. I have a cold all the time and sneeze a lot. I don't cough any to amount to anything. I weigh 170 lbs. and am 35 years old. Don't look like I ought to complain does it? Mary weighs about ten lbs more than I do. Fred weigh 75 lbs. We are all good size. Fred is going to school and is learning fast, and he is a right good boy sometimes when he wants to be. He is only seven years old. Write soon and all the news I am,

Yours Lovingly,



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