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Letter sent from Granma (Ethel's mother) in Waleska Georgia
Sent to Ethel Perry
Date April 25, 1905





April 25, 1905
Petrel, Ga


Dear Ethel,


We are all up this morning.
Your Pa I dont think is any better was
right bad off yesterday
Bud came down last
Night and give him a
Sulpfer bath he says
If he will do what
he says will be well
in a month but I
no he wont do it he
wont quit Tabaco I no
and other things that
he ought not to do.
Laurie has the head ache







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to day the childrens is having
a big time they got here about
nine oclock me and Laurie
went to meeting and they
stayed with Granpa we
had a big time hiding
eggs it was funny to them
they are all right so
far if you want them
to come home before Sunday
can bring them when it
rains as they are using
the horses every day Helen
says she wants to stay till
Sunday Ethel Bertie says
she cant stay with
out Rube if they have
not taken the measel
yet why cant you all
come up and see us
maybe they wont take








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Well the one of Womacks
has the measels this week
the rest is all up at
work Dr. Turk has Just
Past he went to see
Arthur Smithwick looking
for him to die he has the
fever well I have no
news of interest Come
soon as write and let
us no how you all
are Good Bye with
love Amanda Smith

AB I want to see you
and Jack when you all
come up we will have
another Easter and let
you hunt eggs Good Bye













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