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DOCUMENT DETAILS: Letter to W. A. Perry from Ethel - May 29, 1900





Canton, GA May 29, 1900

Dear Asaph,

Your letter received yesterday I am glad you are to make the change to Atlanta, so we can be together, as you say about it there is no use to have wife and not live with them.


We are all well. We went to Macedonia Sunday,

There was a big crowd there and had good meeting and lots good to eat. We stayed all night at Mamas. Helen stayed with Grandma. They are coming tomorrow (Wednesday) to go to the commencement. They are having a big time I have not been any and don't guess


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will go any as they are going to have admission fee, and I am trying to live saving, for I wants us to have a nice home of our own some time and give our children a good education, We are getting along all right so far have up quils to day want to get our work done before we move.

Well I am afraid I will lose Amanda she has so many beau's to her string, and two of them widowers at that, Milton Richey was up the other day, he stayed all night with us Friday night. Amanda is talking of going down to Atlanta tomorrow (it is the 30th)

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I went to the Advance office and told them a bout the paper and still I did not get one. I then told them what you said you had paid for two papers, so they say that Mr. Brewster said he just made a trade to send you the paper while you stayed there, so if you paid for two I would write him and have it strait.

Mr. Tharpe ask how you are ever time I see him and several others.

Well we have a pretty garden, will have beans in a few days. I have lots of chickens by the time you come will have all the stewed chicken

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you want or fried either, Monroe Bell said ever thing was boil to eat so maybe you would like something fried by this time.

Berry said he was keeping his promise to you, that is taking care of us, and he is lots of help to us.

Write to me soon as you get this. I can't think of thing else to write now. Helen says nearly every day I guess papa is coming now. she want you mighty bad. I believe she misses you bad as I do. E.B. is up in my lap trying to help me write. Good Bye with lots of love,


Ethel Perry.

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