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DOCUMENT DETAILS: Letter to W. A. Perry from Ethel - May 26, 1895


Here this letter!




A violet loves a sunny bank
The cow slip love the sea
The scarlet-creeper loves the elm
But - I love Thee

Sunday Afternoon

May 26th


Dear Asaph
It is half past four o'clock and I have just returned from church. Such a day as this has been. Don't be surprised when I tell you it has rained today. No one could get away from church unless they went in the rain. So we all stayed There was a good


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many there to be as rainy as it has been all day I enjoyed the day very well, but if I could have seen you today I would have enjoyed better I could not haf listen to the preaching for thinking about you


I do want to see you so bad. You said that you guess I did not want to see you by not coming when you was sick. I did want to come but I could not get off. I would have given any thing if I could have been with you

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when you was sick for after I heard you was so bad off I could not think about any thing else and could not tell how many times I prayed for you soon be well you ever was and be happy.

I hope you will take care of your self and not work so hard and be sick again


The Singing society of Macedonia have appointed me as a delegate to go the convention next Saturday and Sunday at Woodstock, but I don't know

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yet whether I will go or not- if I don't go can't you come next Sunday, but I want you to come when you can and suits you the best. for I know if you don't want to come when I say for you to come- you wont enjoy your self and dearest I don't want you and I ever to be together unless you enjoy yourself, but I all ways enjoy being with you better than anybody, and don't you think I ought to.


I hope to see you soon I will say good bye with lots of love.


Remember the one that loves you better than anybody or anything on earth.




Excuse a badly written letter I feel badly this afternoon

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