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DOCUMENT DETAILS: Letter to Ethel from W. A Perry Unknown date





more than any thing

else there is tents

and boxed up shacks

all round here and

most all are full. good

by till after dinner. well I

decided to board I am

stopping with a man

by the name of Pangle

he lives right at the Spri-

ngs and is selling

goods he said I could

put my watches in

the store and probably

he could help me

out some I get board

for me and Prox not

for $4.00 per week


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Well Ethel I dont know

when I will be at home

you just do as you think

best and it will be

all right with me. I

think I would be better

satisfied if you all was

with me. I havent

bought any land yet

but may by one acre before

I leave here. Well

write soon as you

get this and I

will write again

before I leave

here by by to

all. I am ever

W A Perry

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Well I have just got back

from a trip up on the

mountain Mr. Adair and

my self taken a dear

hunt we was gon two

hours and never saw a

thing that would do to

shoot at I thought ever[y]

minut we would find a

dear bear rattle snake or

something else but did

not Ethel, I wih you and

Hellen was up hear with

me it is nothing like I

thought it was if we was

camped out up hear I

think I would like [it]

better than going so

far for my lodging
By By By

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write soon as

you this to

your true husband
W A Perry

Laughridge, GA

the office is one mile from

the springs
My best regards

to all By By

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