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DOCUMENT DETAILS: Letter to Ethel from W. A Perry June 25, 1898

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Canton, GA June 25 - 98


Dear Wife, I got the apples and note all ok. I am glad to hear you are getting long so well I guess Helen is having a time. want to walk


I am getting long very well considering. I stayed buy my self all except last night Ray Crisler stayed with me. I feal very lonesom by my self tell Hugh to com down and stay awhile with me before he goes back.


I don't know whether I can come up Sunday or not if I dont you can come home when you get ready. I am having plenty to eat and drink you know


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you must take good cear of Helen and not let her get on a snake I miss her more than a little. Well there is nothing of interest ever thing is all right be good to your self and all a round you

as ever yours

W. A. Perry

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