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Letter sent from Alice in Waleska Georgia
Sent to Asaph Perry
Date unknown (estimated to be 1920 or 1921)




Waleska, GA
Thursday pm

Mr. W.A. Perry,

My dearest W.A.

How are you this nice sunshiney day. fine I hope I am still sick. Am a little better to day. have not been out of the house but once or twice in eleven days. And it seems like twice that long. I taken a terable cold come very near having Pnewmonia.

Uncle is fairing very well. of course he doesn't get quite the attention he did but he is very patience and good. What I can not do for him he does not want done.
We have the best boy in the world can not emagine how we would get a long without him. No part of the time I could not talk very well. hope you enjoyed your dinner Sunday. you know I can not think you are that old certainly do not look it. No you would not have wanted me Sunday for I


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was oh so sick.

The preacher only staid with me from Saterday tell Monday p.m. She had to spend the day in Canton on the a count of the mail not going untill in the afternoon. Said she looked for you but never saw you. She is our friend allright am so glad you did not mean all that you said.

for don't think you can love any one unless you have some confidence in them
Al right I wont make a date on Saterday. Can not tell when I will but hope wont be so very long has been two months since I saw you. seems a long time. hope that red hooded old maid wont get you before I see you again well yes I suppose we are old enough to care for our selves excuse this poorly written letter for my pen seems to be as sorry as my self

So by by -

Your own Alice

Hope you will remember your sick girl with a bonny letter

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