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Letter sent from Alice in Waleska Georgia
Sent to Asaph Perry
Date Unknown (estimated to be 1920 or 1921)




Waleska, GA
Friday am

Mr. Perry;

Dear WA,

Your short letter received I supose it was your letter by the hand-writing, but not by the name. how many names have you. Tell me and then I will take the one I like best.


Did not know you were such an Artist. Was a sweet little bird I guess one of the thame Twins drew it did they not.


I think it real fortunate for girls to be small to their age. You know people cannot tell how old they are so well.


Glad you had such a good day. know why since you told me you got to see Abra. guess she looked as good as always.


Have seen several that was at the Singing but do not know yet whether they had any singing are not


they all must of had some one to look at.

have not seen Leola yet guess


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she will come up tomorrow hope so anyway.


Hope you wont forget all you know befor I see you.

Maybe it wont be so long - uncle said I could go to the debate At Waleska. I don't know just when it is. but not longer than three weeks.


So if you are there will see you.


Glad you are not worrying you will have plenty of time. That harried old picture man written me again that he would come yesterday. but you see it rained a little and he did not come. he wants to wait till I get plum white headed.


Sunday was a rather long day


We had lots of company had the preacher from Saturday till Sunday night
You know I found out who the bachlor was. he is her son


She has been teasing me for a long time about her old bachelor son.


so sunday. she was talking about him and I told her I had gotten

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a letter from some old man down there she wanted to know his name so I told. She said (Why that is my son -) She then ask me if I answered the letter I told her I did, said she was so glad. I did not tell how I answered it I will let him do that. I did not know she had been married twice


so by by Always lovingly




Late in the afternoon did not get this letter mailed to day, so tomorrow will have to be bad Saturday for you will take back what I said about the old picture man he come this afternoon I got after him for addressing a letter to me as Mrs - told him I was no widow just one of those horrerble old maids so must go and cook supper


by by

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