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Letter sent from Alice in Waleska Georgia
Sent to Mr. W. A. Perry
Date July 17, year unknown (estimated as 1921)





Waleska, GA
Sat. AM

My Dear W.A.,

Your letter received and I certainly appreciate you thinking of me at that hour. Yes I guess I was a sleep but not dreaming. Your dream was not very pleasant, last night I dreamed of nigra's had as soon dreamed of snakes

Well I am sure you will not get mad if not seeing me is all to make you so. Hope you got well of your headache. and had a good time on your trip.

I have gotten well and am feeling fine. don't care for any more trips No Leola did not come = Sat = You know it sure did rain







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= Sat = afternoon and also = Sund= she went to town Monday and came to see me Tuesday. Mrs. Chamlee came Wesnesday

We are getting to be real sweethearts. Uncle says I don't love any one but him but you know he doesn't know.

Yes have heard quite a little about the Anderson wedding. I think it a shame to treat a girl as they are doing. They may turn her against George you know money will do most anything

You know his ma cut up at the first this girl come up here about three weeks ago to get married but they got George out of town and she had to go home said her father








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sure did whip her for coming with temper on one sid and money and temper on the other am wondering what the end will be.

Waleska has something to talk about now. So they are letting us rest awhile. Have been making me a new dress for the singing and let me tell you what sister said if I ware it you would go back on me so you know it isn't pretty. What did you mean when you said you did not know I was chicken hearted.

If it was in regard to Mollie thought you know here it is too bad to be going to have company and dread for them to come, but that is the case












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with me. You know I have an idea what his week story will mean anyway am going to make the best of it I can

Time you receive this guess will be raining as my letters always bring rain does it not
Have some new music part of it is real good wish you could hear it so don't work too hard today

Lovingly yours

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