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Letter sent from Alice in Waleska Georgia
Sent to Mr. W. A. Perry
Date December 16, 1920





Waleska, GA

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My Own Dear "W.A."
Your letter remained in a down pour of rain but it brought sunshine Hope you have gotten thawed by now. We are having a lovely cold day. Aren't we?
Glad you are feeling good enough to be out in the mud. Such a day as Sunday was sorry you had so much trouble but glad you did not get hurt. I thought


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you said you was going to stay by the fire in bad weather.
You said you wished you could so me. Well you would of seen a very sick girl last sunday. I got hurt last Saturday P.M. haven't been able to care for uncle this week. am feeling almost well to day but haven't gained my strength back yet. think I will be alright in a few days. We are quite lonly Our boy went home to day, and we miss him so much, Don't no just how we will get a long but will do




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some way. had a letter from your little girl to day telling me she was going to have a cotton picking tonight. Don't you wish we could go? but guess I will go to dream land soon as I get supper over. No i never get behind with sleep. I have gotten used to not sleeping much so doesn't make much difference. I never go to sleep now in the day.

No Mrs. Chamlee and I are very good. You would not of heard anything bad. You might have found out that we really do like you. Supper time will finish tomorrow
Good morning a lovely morning too isn't it? am very much better have just gotten the dishes washed think I will be well enough to go to church Sunday if isn't a raining am so anxious to see you but if it is a bad day don't come for you know I dont want you to get in a ditch.

I did not mean that I would wait till quit raining to see you. I meant I would not go to the city. You sure did have a lonly day did you go to see the (widower)




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mabe that was why you did not get through with your business anyway if they have to wait till I get tired of you they wont get you.

Well I cannot make any promise for next year as it isnt leap year - and you said I could only have my way this year.

I hope things will change around some and you can come over home. think will tell uncle all some of those day because I think it will be best. I know I will be happier while he will take


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hard I know but I think he will get reconciled after a while. Dont you think that would be best? I know he is just like a child, but, I can not be happy deceving the man that has raised me. Are you right sure you havent had one since I saw you well you have been real good I could tell you like a man told me one time when I was talking to him about selling Whiskey he said if he did not, some one else





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would. so if I did not furnish the goods some one else would so you should be to good to partake.


Well really I guess it is rong, dont you Well have to close in order to get this off on the mail to day


All love from your own


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